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What we can do to improve our memory!

As we get older, it's normal for certain aspects of our memory to decline, but that does not mean we are powerless in protecting our brain as we age.

In fact, there is a lot we can do.

According to several medical associations, including Alzheimer's Association - certain lifestyle measures can help:

  • Lifestyle measures that promote brain health include activities such as, exercising regularly, ongoing mental stimulation, having a healthy diet, managing your stress to ensure you are reducing it as much as possible and getting a good night's sleep - in terms of quantity of hours and quality of sleep.

  • In addition, as careful as we can be, it's important to ensure we do not injure or damage our brain as it can lead to damaging our memory and increasing our risk for dementia.

Physical fitness goes hand-in-glove with mental fitness.

The more we exercise, the better we will all be!

Your Health Coach,





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