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April Series: Why Most People Should Have an Exercise Program

The authors of the New Zealand study recommend that messages on the

dangers of sedentary behaviour should “focus more on the importance of frequent movement rather than simply replacing sitting with standing.”

Not exercising regularly increases risk for obesity, diabetes, heart attacks

and certain cancers

(Journal of Preventive Cardiology, Sep 1, 2016;23(14):1557-1564).

When you sit in a chair, you fidget to make yourself more comfortable and burn a few more calories. You also fidget when you stand to relieve the fatigue and discomfort of keeping any muscle in constant contraction.

People who exercise regularly fidget the most while sitting or standing, and therefore burn more calories either way.

In this study, regular exercisers had lower resting heart rates, a measure of greater physical fitness.


Both prolonged sitting and prolonged standing at work increase risk for

obesity, heart attacks and premature death. If possible, alternate standing

and sitting, and take regular activity breaks (walking, stair-climbing, or

any other form of movement).

Whether your job requires either prolonged sitting or standing, a regular exercise program can help to protect you from clotting and other health consequences.

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Your Health Coach,





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