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My name is Kristina, I am 26 years old, and a soon-to-be epidemiologist. I highlight this because working in a field that revolves around data, analysis and evidence-informed everything has really enhanced my personality trait of skepticism.


When I first met Christine, true to personality, I was very, very skeptical of being able to achieve any results – my walls were up.

Throughout my life I had always eaten and drank whatever I wanted, and maintained a pretty small size, but that had finally caught up with me. Upon meeting Christine, I was astounded at how quickly she was able to specifically identify my health issues by only taking a look at me and having a short conversation.


This is what sold me.

Within two months I was able to lose over 20 pounds, all because of Christine. I have never been healthier.


I will say that throughout my weight loss, and even currently, I have serious moments of skepticism, but no matter what issue I have (related to diet, or exercise) I bring it to Christine and she always knows exactly what is happening with my body, makes adjustments and reassures me.


She has never once been wrong.


Christine is highly attuned to my needs and has designed a program that works for me and my life.


Apart from the incredible physical changes, it is important for me to highlight the mental changes I also feel. Previous to Christine I was undergoing therapy for anxiety. In my personal experience, the therapy provided by following Christine’s personalized program has had an exponentially greater, positive effect on my life, where I now experience significantly reduced anxiety.

I would recommend Christine to absolutely anyone – she is an incredible trainer with a wealth of knowledge that only she can mobilize to transform your life.

– Kristina

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