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I started my fitness program with Christine just over a year ago now and I am so pleased with everything I’ve managed to accomplish with the help of her remarkable expertise, encouragement, support and timely challenges. She is so attuned to the areas that need special attention in order to build strength and resilience – a shoulder problem that has been with me for about three decades following a skiing injury is now completely gone! As I move from program to program with Christine,


I have seen such great improvements in my ‘silhouette’ and endurance including significantly improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Her consummate professionalism, upbeat attitude and enthusiasm keep me on track and sometimes even eager! to get to the gym in my building – a room I had actually never set foot in for 2+ decades before I started with Christine’s one-on-one coaching.


I mix it up with my longstanding pilates classes that I’ve been enjoying for many, many years and find the combination works extremely well – my pilates abilities have noticeably improved as well!


I am very happy to have launched my ongoing fitness regime with Christine who continues to build reasonable and successful programming for me; programming that can accommodate my vacation scheduling so that my fitness level continues to gain momentum even with numerous vacation absences per year of between 3 to 5 weeks at any given time.


I look forward to continuing our coaching relationship for many years to come….!

- Mary

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