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The benefits of moving and shaking...aka exercising!

When one thinks of exercising, you may think of someone at a gym surrounded by heavy weights and sweating excessively with their muscles swelling and it being quite an aggressive workout and toll he/she is placing on their bodies...

Well that is not the type of exercising, I'm thinking of when I think of exercise.

I am a believer in movement that everyone can positively benefit from, regardless of your age, gender or physical ability (whether you have certain health conditions or past injuries/surgeries to consider).

You may be asking yourself, how is that possible?

From a fitness consultation with any potential client, I can see and hear from what they share about their life, their body and mindset regarding movement - and determine what exercises they need to get started with to amaze themselves, on what type of movement they can do to positively benefit from.

Each program I create, with exercises and a nutrition plan - are customized per each client in a way where the movement leads to:

  1. Exercise that positively impacting your weight - whether it be to prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight or gain weight.

  2. Exercise that combats health conditions and diseases.

  3. Exercise that improves your mood and serve as an emotional lift.

  4. Exercise that boosts energy.

  5. Exercise that promotes better sleep.

  6. Exercise that puts the spark back into your life!

  7. Exercise that

can be fun...and social!

You can tell by the end of the list above, exercise transformed from being a chore to being something fun.

It can be that way in your life, I can promise you that - if you are dedicated and ready to see yourself transform from such a positive change you're going to commit to making happen for yourself and your life.

So...the bottom line?

It's all about getting started and it is my pleasure to offer being a health coach that can get you the results you're looking for - for everyone.

Contact me today, I'll be waiting and ready for you!

- Either use the form on the homepage to contact me or email me at

Your Health Coach,





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