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Building more activity into your daily routine!

Improving Memory

Exercise: Researches don't know precisely how much exercise is needed for good brain health, but one thing is very clear- you only reap benefits if you exercise on a regular basis.

You can't exercise for a week or two and consider it done. The available research suggests that the exercise does not have to be extreme, but should be moderately vigorous- and that the more time you spend exercising, the better.

Here are a few hints of building more activity into your daily routines:

  1. When possible, walk instead of driving

  2. Set aside time each day for your exercise program

  3. Use the stairs instead of the elevator

  4. Plant and tend a garden

  5. Refrain from sitting long periods of time

  6. Take a long walk and enjoy nature

  7. You need your sleep




Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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