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The Best EXERCISE for Your Bones!

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April 16, 2022

The Best Exercise for YOUR Bones!

All exercise for bone strength have one ore more of the following attributes:

  • They provide resistance In this form of exercise, you challenge your muscles by working against some type of resistance, such as dumbbells, band, or even your own body weight. Resistance exercises, including classic strength training, rely on muscle contraction that tug on bones to stimulate them to bulk up.

  • They are weight bearing Weight bearing exercise is any activity, such as running, walking, dancing, hiking, climbing stairs, in which you carry your body weight and work against gravity. The force you exert to counteract gravity when you do weight bearing activities is what stimulates bones to get stronger.

  • Hiking or stair-climbing Another way to amplify the effects of walking is by adding changes in elevation. Whether you're climbing up stairs or a hill, the muscles in your legs and glutes are working harder, which means more tugging on hips and leg bones. When you're descending, you get the added benefit of increased impact.




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