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Sept Series: Fitness Mistakes That Can Sabotoge your Workout

Fitness Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout

Just Do It … Right

Exercise can help your physical, mental, and emotional health, give you more energy, and even be a boost for your social and sex lives.

Experts recommend 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

But watch out for a few pitfalls that can make you do more harm than good.

You Bail Out

Skipping workouts “just because” can set you back, especially if you’re on an exercise program. Not only does it make it harder for you to reach your goals, but you also can lose some of the progress you’ve made.

You Don’t Warm Up

Starting your workout without warming up may save a few minutes, but it isn’t a good idea. Your body needs the warmup to raise your body temperature and get your blood flowing, to help loosen up your muscles and give you more range of motion. It can be something as simple as light walking, jogging, or biking for 5 to 10 minutes. Be careful not to stretch before warming up.

You Hold Your Breath

You might do this without even knowing it. But it’s important to pay attention to your breathing. Holding your breath limits the amount of oxygen coming into your body. If you hold it too long, you might pass out. When you’re lifting heavy weights, take a deep breath before you start a set, then gradually let it out as you go. 

You Slack On Your Form

This can keep you from targeting the right areas and limit your range of motion. It can actually make you weaker and damage your muscles. Use lighter weights and perfect your form before moving on to heavier weight.

You Only Do What You Like

You may like some exercises better than others -- probably the ones you’re best at -- but you need to work all muscle groups. Targeting the same ones all the time can make it hard for them to recover. Try to focus on different spots and develop each of them.

You Don’t Take Water Breaks

Staying hydrated is important for cooling off your body and keeping your blood flowing. Drink water before your workout, then 6 to 8 ounces for every 15 minutes you’re active, then some more once you’re done.

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