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Oct Series: What is Sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass specifically related to aging. It’s normal to lose some muscle mass as you age. However, sarcopenia describes severe muscle loss that strays from the norm.

Sarcopenia affects your gait, balance, and overall ability to perform daily tasks. For a long time, researchers have believed that this deterioration was inevitable. But they’re now beginning to look into treatments that might prevent or slow down this process.


People with sarcopenia often experience weakness and lose stamina. This can

affect their ability to carry out physical activities. A reduction in activity then leads

to further muscle mass loss.

  • a reduction in the nerve cells that send signals from your brain to tell your muscles to move

  • a lowering of your hormone levels

  • a decline in your body’s ability to convert protein to energy

  • not consuming enough daily calories and protein in order to maintain your muscle mass


The main treatment path for sarcopenia is exercise.

Researchers have identified resistance training as the specific form of exercise that is most beneficial to people with sarcopenia. This training is designed to improve muscle strength and stamina and uses resistance bands or weights.

Resistance training can also help balance your hormone levels. It’s been shown to

improve the ability to turn protein into energy in older people. These changes have

in some cases been seen in only two weeks.

It’s important to work with a qualified trainer or physical therapist to develop an

exercise plan tailored to you. The right intensity and frequency of exercise is vital,

so that you see the most advantage but are less likely to hurt yourself.

For a private complimentary consultation on how to get started on your

exercise program contact me through my website.

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