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Oct Series: Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass

Gradual loss of muscle mass is a natural part of aging. It starts in your 30s, but accelerates after age 60. Over time, you perceive this as a decrease in both muscle strength (the amount of weight you can lift and power (how quickly you can pull, push or lift).

Preserving muscle mass is important to your overall health and quality of life.

In addition to the obvious benefits, greater muscle mass is also associated with a lower risk of problems such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and general loss of mobility. As for power, it helps not only in sports, but also in daily life as you age- for example, helping you cross the street quickly or prevent a trip from turning into a fall. No matter how old you are, the key to recovering and keeping muscle mass and function is progressive resistance training. This means working your muscles with free weights, exercise machines, your own body weight, bands and continually increasing the amount of resistance in manageable increments.

Studies have found that as little as six weeks of progressive resistance training can dramatically improve strength and power as well as mobility and balance.

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