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Nov Series: Strength Training

Strength Training is important for everyone, regardless of age.

Why Strength Training for Seniors is Essential.

The human body changes as we age and often in ways we don't like.

  • A slower metabolism

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength

  • Increased body fat

  • Reduced bone density

  • Stiffer joints

  • Slower reflexes and reaction times

  • Decreased aerobic capacity

These are just some of the normal changes we experience with aging, but they don’t have to be extreme.

One of the most important reasons to exercise at all,

and specifically to include strength training, is to slow and reduce these changes.  

By the age of 70, the average adult has lost 25 percent of muscle mass. And this is

due mostly to disuse and inactivity. Any kind of exercise can reverse this loss and

build muscle mass and strength, but weight lifting, strength training, and

resistance training are best.

Group Training is motivating and fun, so contact me to register for my on line 1 week complimentary sessions.

Your Health Coach,





Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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