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March Series: Back Pain

Back pain can develop for many reasons. However, a number of

lifestyle changes may lessen your back pain or help you cope better.

Exercise is one remedy that's indispensable for a healthy back. You

need to build your muscles, aging and lack of exercise can leave you

with weak de conditioned back and abdominal muscles triggering or

worsening back pain.

That's why stretching and strengthening these and other "core" muscles, which help to support the spine, is so important to recovering from back pain and preventing a recurrence of the problem.

A stretching and strengthening regimen should target

the back, abdominal, buttock, and upper leg muscles. Strong

abdominal and back muscles, for example, help you maintain an

upright posture and proper alignment of the spinal column.

Meanwhile the buttock muscles and the iliopsoas muscles (which run

from the lumbar vertebrae to the hips on each side) help support the

back during walking, standing, and sitting. In addition, the muscles of

the upper legs should be strong and flexible, because they're

connected to the iliopsoas and buttocks muscles and, if weak and

tight, can strain the supporting structures of the back.

For a private complimentary consultation on how exercise can help

you with back pain, through 'Contact Christine' on my website.

Your Health Coach,





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