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Exercise & Your Bones - The Finale!

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April 30, 2022 - Exercise and Your Bones - Part 4, The Finale!

Your skeleton is like the frame and foundation of a house.

It is the essential on which everything else is built.

It gives form, supports weight, and provides a certain degree of protection shielding the heart, lungs and brain, for example.

When a home is well built, we even say it has good bones. But no matter how solid that structure, it still requires maintenance. The same is true of the bones in your body.

The optimal time to build a strong skeletal framework is when you are young.

You reach your peak bone by age 30, and your bones begins thinning after that. However, it's never too late to adopt bone-preserving habits.

By taking steps now, you can help maintain the bone mass you have and even build a little more, reducing your risk of fractures later in life.

There are 3 essential ways to strengthen your bones:

  1. Good Nutrition

  2. Exercise

  3. And if needed, bone-building medications




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