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Exercise Can Be Part of Your DNA

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Can you replace old habits, with new ones?

One of my recent clients proves that you can. Have a read and be inspired that YOU can change your life, at any point in time. Perhaps, today is a good day to start on a new healthier-you path?

Three years ago, following treatment for cancer and dealing with double sciatica and unable to workout, I gained over 30lbs. Needless to say, I had a very negative body image as a result.

At the time I was introduced to Christine who has truly been an inspiration to me and has helped me in achieving my health goals. She was able to set me up on a program that included not only exercise but proper nutrition to help me combat my weight gain while improving my muscle strength.

Three years later she continues to encourage me in maintaining my weight while improving my muscle strength through nutrition and exercise. Today I am pain-free and most importantly, Christine has thought me the value of incorporating exercise into my daily life.

As a former DNA scientist, I can now say it is now part of my DNA.

If you are looking for a Health Coach I would highly recommend Christine and she gets a five-star ⭐️ rating from this gal.

- Suzanne L., Toronto




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