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Dec Series: Benefits of Strength Training

If you could do one thing to improve your health, strength training should be at the

top of your list. It involves using one or more muscle groups to perform a specific task, such as lifting a weight or squatting.

Due to the growing body of evidence supporting its many benefits, strength training has become a fundamental part of most exercise programs. If you’ve ever considered strength training, you may wonder how it will benefit your life.

Here are some benefits of strength training backed by science:

1. Makes you stronger

2. Burns calories efficiently

3. Decreases abdominal fat

4. Can help you appear leaner

5. Decreases your risk of falls

6. Lowers your risk of injury

7. Improves heart health

8. Helps manage your blood sugar levels

9. Promotes greater mobility and flexibility

10. Makes your bones stronger

11. Improves brain health

If you would like to get started on a strength training program for your New Year’s Resolution contact me.

Your Health Coach, Christine!




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