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April Series: Lack of Exercise is Worse Than Prolonged Sitting

Sitting is Harmful for Non-Exercisers at Any Age: Older people who move around live longer than those who are consistently sedentary, and sedentary older people who become more active live longer than those who remain sedentary (Med Sci Spts Ex, Aug 2013;45(8):1501-1507).

The more time people sat, the more likely they were to: • have a large belly (a sign of high blood sugar levels) • have high blood pressure • have high HBA1C blood test (a measure of high blood sugar) • have a high CRP blood test (a measure of inflammation) • have higher blood sugar levels • have heart disease • have diabetes • be a smoker • be overweight

Exercise Helps to Prevent Harm From Prolonged Sitting To protect yourself from the health consequences of sitting for long periods, try to spend more time moving around, exercise in your favourite activities, and work to increase the intensity of some of your exercise. A review of 16 studies covering more than a million people, showed that prolonged sitting during working, commuting or leisure time is associated with increased risk for premature death and that this risk was eliminated completely by 60 to 75 minutes of daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity,

and was reduced by exercising just 25 minutes per day (Lancet, July 27, 2016;388:1302-10).

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