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The importance of having healthy hands!

Healthy hands enable you to interact with the world:

They help you touch, feel, emote and communicate.

Their strength allows you to grip, pinch and carry.

Their coordination provides the ability to engage in fine, intricate tasks.

But when the architecture of the bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves is damaged through injury or wear, all of those capabilities you normally take for granted can become painful, challenging, or even impossible.

It's hard to imagine getting through a day without using your hands.

Beyond their countless practical function, like opening doors, preparing food, and tying

shoelaces, we use these complex structures in many other ways, to both convey and perceive information. People who can't speak or hear use their hands to converse through sign language. But even people with normal hearing use their hands to communicate, by throwing them in the air in frustration, by applauding, or by touching

someone's shoulder.

Your hands can even offer clues to your personality (consider a warm, firm handshake).

We exercise our body, our brain and so it's also important for us to exercise our hands!




Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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