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The 6-Week Challenge is Here!

Are you starting to consider....your holiday shopping? Are you starting to look at your calendar that is taking you to Dec 31 2021? If so, you are not alone as yes, it is that time of the year - it's the FINAL sprint towards the end of 2021 and the Holiday season is just around the corner.!

What does this time of year typically mean, especially now that we're in a more post-COVID-19 sense of normalcy? It means, lots of holiday events with lots of delicious food and drinks awaiting to be enjoyed...

All of that is GREAT. However, it begs the question, how are YOU doing? How are YOU feeling?

I am hearing from a lot of clients that the end of Oct - beginning of Nov has been tough. To try to get back into a normal routine, with what feels like a lot in flux and on-the-go, it's been so tricky to "feel back on track" and "like my best self" to be ready to head into the crazy holiday season.

Well, that is WHY the 6-WEEK CHALLENGE IS HERE.

If any of the above resonates with you, this is for YOU.

This challenge is geared towards focusing you on YOU before you have to think about everybody and everything else. Because the most important person to feel in tune and aligned with, physically and mentally right now is YOU.

How are we going to do this? 6 weeks of a specific clean nutrition plan & energy-boosting workouts all targeted towards achieving whatever your specific health goal is, whether it be:

  • weight loss

  • to be lean, toned and sculpted

  • reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

  • improve balance

  • get into the routine of incorporating more movement in your life

  • increase energy

  • improve sleep quality

I am committed as your coach to make sure you have all the equipment and encouragement you need to ensure these 6-weeks are a success.

So are you ready?

Email me today: To join the 6-week challenge and know we'll all be in this together, to feel good, look good and be as healthy as can be - ready to take on the 2021 Holiday season.

Your Health Coach,





Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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