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Part 2: The Importance of Training Your Core

Posture counts for a lot when you're exercising.

Aligning your body properly is the key to good form, which nets you greater gains and fewer injuries.

In fact, good posture helps any time you're moving.

If one foot is always turned slightly inward, for example, it impedes power whether you're walking, climbing the stairs, jogging, or playing sports.

Worse, it paves the way for injuries to the ankle, knee, hip, and beyond, since the effects of this physical quirk can zigzag their way up your body.

Sitting up straight and comfortably aligned in a chair can make desk work feel less tiresome. Hours of computer and desk work tend to make your shoulders hunch and your

head and neck jut forward uncomfortably. Committing to CORE WORK will do much to improve your POSTURE whether you're sitting, standing, or moving.

A well rounded set of exercises that targets all the core muscles is best.

My workouts are designed to build strength and flexibility in all your major core muscles.

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