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Nov Series: Why Should You Stretch?

Stretching is useful at any age to increase your range of motion, keep muscles limber, improve posture and balance, and helps prevent falls.

For example, overly tight hamstrings (the three large muscles at the back of your thighs) and the hip flexors (the muscles at the top front of your thighs) can hamper basic movements like walking and running.

When these muscles are tight- a common result of too much sitting- you're not able to fully extend your leg and straighten your knee, so your stride may be shortened and less powerful.

Inflexible hamstrings have also been implicated in chronic low back pain, because they change the tilt of the pelvis, placing more pressure on the joint in the lower back. And for anyone who plays sports or works out, tight muscles may contribute to muscle strains, knee pain, and diminished performance because the muscles aren't able to fully extend. Being inflexible can even affect your posture. For example, tight chest muscles can pull your shoulders forward, giving you a hunched silhouette instead of a longer, slimmer looking one.

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