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New Year. New Decade. New Get-Back-On-Track!

Now, is the perfect time to kickstart a HEALTHY YOU with the inspiration and guidance of Christine's Get-Back-On-Track Challenge.

Reflecting upon the last decade, I appreciate what an honour it has been for me to have

helped clients become wedding-ready, baby-ready, and injury-prevention-ready.

Using information, methods, and support best suited to their personal lifestyles and their

bodies, I have also helped clients determine what, how, and when to eat.

The goal of all of my challenges is general health rehabilitation so that each client can

restore and release as much energy and flexibility as possible. Beyond that, I have been

so blessed to know and share the underlying personal life situations that we're all

working through.

I do what I do to help YOU

• recover from the loss of a loved one

• fight an illness

• thrive while being in cancer remission

• deal with anxiety

• persevere through tumultuous career moves

• process personal trauma

• face day-to-day stress that can be overwhelming and paralyzing

That’s what makes the past 10 years—and over 45 years in the business—special to me.

That’s what gets me up every day.

That’s what motivates me still to be dedicated and determined to FIGHT alongside YOU

to unlock the BEST VERSION of your physical, mental, and emotional self.

The January 2020 GET-BACK-ON-TRACK CHALLENGE is a special one for me.

Let’s celebrate—together—a new decade of achieving the best version of ourselves,

whatever our age or current fitness level. Let’s triumph—together—over whatever life

has in store for us.

Contact me today and LET’S GET STARTED.

I’m waiting for YOU.



START DATE - The date is flexible: what is best for you?

DURATION - 6 weeks

PLAN - To achieve your best self, I will match your needs with

your own personalized program that includes a

• goal-setting and fitness assessment

• nutrition and exercise plan

COST - Contact me, I am determined to make the price easy

for YOU to say YES!


Your Health Coach . . . always





Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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