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March Series: Back Pain, Part 2

In addition to doing exercises to make you stronger and more flexible in the lower back, you should also engage in regular aerobic exercise.

This offers many benefits for general health and also helps prevent episodes of back pain. Certain aerobic activities are safer for your back than others. Low-risk, high-benefit activities for most people's back include bicycling (either stationary or moving), swimming and walking. These low impact exercises strengthen the erector spine and abdominal muscles. None involve awkward or stressful actions that are detrimental to back muscles.

In contrast, some activities carry a relatively high risk for back injury because they involve extensions, heavy lifting, or high impact movements.

Other unnatural motions that could induce pain include back arching, twisting (while hitting a golf ball, swinging at a baseball, or rolling a bowling ball).

If you want to continue with one of these sports following a back problem, then make sure you are on a proper exercise and therapy program.

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