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June Series: How A Strong Core Benefits You

How A Strong Core Benefits You:

Many people think of the core in terms of their abdominal muscles.

But the core reaches well beyond the abs, to muscles in your back, sides, pelvis, hips, and buttock - muscles that are essential to most of the movements you make.

A surprising number of everyday actions- bending, twisting, and rotating your body, as well as maintaining good posture-are ruled by you core. So whether your priority is having a firmer belly or just getting through the day more easily, it's worth paying

attention to your core muscles.

Remember your core muscles are the central link connecting your upper and lower body.

The forces that propel your movement either originate there or transfer through it. People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from core strengthening, however you must do them properly and not cause any injuries.

So contact me through my website to get started on your core muscle strength program

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