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July Series: Interval Training

It’s one of the top workouts year after year. Interval training is the

perfect workout for adults who want a faster, more effective way

to stay fit and healthy. This form of exercise delivers results —

sometimes even better results — in less time than traditional


Adding just a few variable-intensity workouts to your regular

exercise regimen can boost your fitness level faster and reverse

more of the effects of aging on your body than if your entire

workout is at the same intensity level.

And new research shows interval training works even without the

‘high intensity’ part, and is safe, effective even for people of all


The latest research shows that even mini-interval training workouts lasting a few minutes can counteract the bad effects of sitting for too long.

That’s great news since sitting is linked to the risk of developing many chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. These workouts are so short, you can

easily squeeze them in as “exercise snacks” throughout your day.

Contact me for a private complimentary consultation about starting

your interval training program through my website.

Your Health Coach,





Do you want to feel stronger and healthier this summer in only six weeks? Now is your chance!

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