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Dec Series: The Truth About Exercising and Aging

Get rid of the excuses and just get moving!

You can come up with a million reasons for not being physically active. Some might even be valid. But know this: stillness is bad. Roughly 3.2 million people die each year because of physical inactivity. Regular exercise, especially among older adults, is critical to good health.

Some people say, "I'm just too old"

Exercise is good for just about everyone, including older adults. Even moderate amounts of physical activity can have a big impact. Talk with your doctor first, of course. If you have been inactive, take it easy as you get started, start slowly about 5 to 10 minutes a day and build up as you go along.

"I just need to take it easy"

It's not your age that has you feeling the need to rest- It's that you're not moving. Even older adults with serious health problems, heart disease, diabetes, and others can live better lives by getting up and moving.

If you need help on getting started on a proper exercise program, click on the 'Contact' me tab on this website!




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