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I just returned from a week in Cuba.I comfortably wore a classic swimsuit and did not have to hide anything.

-  Thank you Christine!

I wore sleeveless tops confident that my arms were firm

– Thank you Christine!

I effortlessly walked up and down stairs and exceeded my 10,000 steps each day

– Thank you Christine!

Thank you for helping me get fit and achieve my goals.

You have inspired me to make fitness part of my DNA. I am aware of the benefits of working out thanks to you.


Each day I entered the gym in Cuba and happily did my work out.

You have changed the way I approach each day knowing I can be energized by just thirty minutes of focused activity.

I am senior in years but youthful in my ability to keep up and participate in activities with people of all ages and abilities.


Christine, I thank you for giving me a positive way of dealing with each day and strengthening my body and my attitude. Life is better thanks to you and your introduction to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


You have improved my health and empowered me.


Thank you!!

~ Marilyn Wetston

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