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I wanted to put together this thank you for your past and ongoing help in our self-improvement/new lifestyle challenge.

When you first proposed that we could make changes in our lifestyle, appearance and overall health that would be noticeable and ongoing, both Karen and I were skeptical.


We had gotten used to our spare tires, however, after seeing both our weights decrease by 20 and 25 lbs respectively we are now very grateful for your persistence in helping us.

This would have been an impossible challenge if not for your ongoing support and monitoring of our progress, every day. Teaching us to look at nutrition differently was especially challenging as this is how we have been doing it for years and old habits are hard to break. Removing some of our favorite foods, with a teaser, that you may reintroduce them later was a great tactic, but now that we are on a different path, we no longer desire many items we previously craved as we have alternatives that are healthier and just as satisfying.


We especially notice that our friends and work colleagues comment regularly on the change in our look and are curious about how we accomplished this. I always point out that we had a dedicated coach who was there when things looked they were not progressing or noticeable, but you encouraged us to push ahead and kept us on track.


Having an encouraging coach may be the most important part of this process. It was always great to receive your encouraging texts and emails, especially for Karen as her progress was a little slower to show at first and discouraging.


Another benefit of your help is that we just feel better about ourselves and our bodies. Purchasing some new wardrobe and retrieving clothes from storage (our slim clothes) also brought a feeling of self-esteem and pride in our accomplishment. By the way, I now weigh less than when Karen and I were married over 40 years ago and I can feel the difference in not having to carry that extra 20 pounds everywhere.


In summary, we did not have the foresight to take before and after pictures to showcase the changes in our appearance, but the positive comments we receive indicate the changes are there and noticeable. I think when we hit the beach again, it will really become more apparent.


Once again, thanks for persistence, encouragement, and belief that we with your help could make a difference.

~ Art and Karen Wosinski

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