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Sept Series: What Happens When You Lose Weight

What Happens When You Lose Weight

When you’ve got pounds to spare, shedding them improves many aspects of

your physical health and well-being.

Weight loss can lead to changes in your personal life, mental health, your senses, and more.

If you’re looking to lose some weight, want to lose more, or have just lost a lot and want to keep it off, check out some of the lesser-known rewards and other changes that

come when those pounds drop off.

Better Sleep

Shedding extra weight may help you sleep better at night. Many people who are

overweight have trouble sleeping. This is often because of sleep apnea, a

difficulty breathing in your sleep that’s more common in overweight people.

Weight loss can ease those breathing troubles. You might find that you’re more

likely to stay asleep through the night. You may also feel more alert and well

rested throughout the day.

Better Mood

Weight loss doesn’t just make your body feel good. It boosts your mood

and mental health. In a study of obese older adults, 3 months after a

significant weight loss, they reported less tension, depression, anger, and

fatigue. And it went both ways. People whose moods were better dropped

more pounds. Keeping a healthy weight lowers risk for depression, anxiety,

and other mental health problems. A good mood and a healthy weight go


Your Metabolism Slows

If you lost a lot of weight, it’s because you’re eating less. When you make a

major change in the amount of food you take in each day, your body begins to

process it more slowly. This can make it harder to keep losing weight after

you've already lost some. You can give your metabolism help with more

exercise, including strength training to build muscle mass.

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