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Nov Series: Stretching

Whether you're straining your neck to see cars in the lane behind you, working on your golf swing, lifting a laundry basket, or trying to ease muscle kinks sparked by hours behind a desk, stiff muscles can pose a problem.

Virtually every activity you do relies on ease of motion.

Stretching can help in numerous ways. It can often relieve back pain, stiff necks, and sore knees when tight muscles are to blame. It can counteract too much sitting whether you're doing it for work or a pleasurable activity, like reading a good book, knitting, making jewellery, or binge watching your favourite series or sports on TV.

If you're a runner, a tennis player, a golfer, a hiker or a biker, the right stretching program may set you on a path toward better performance. And as you age, stretching can help keep you active and flexible, making it easier to accomplish everyday tasks involve walking, climbing stairs, or reaching.

Equally important, it may also help you prevent life-altering falls, since flexibility and a good range of motion can improve your balance.

Stretching is something you can do all the time, it doesn't take long, you just have to know what to do, and make the time to do it.

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Your Health Coach,





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