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Dec Series: Exercising and Aging

Exercise that promotes flexibility are in a group of four cornerstone movements (along with those that improve endurance, strength, and balance) that you should probably work on. That stiffness can be alleviated with, for example, stretching exercises that target hips, legs, shoulders, your neck, your back and anywhere else that you have tight muscles. Take it easy though, and don't stretch so far that it hurts.

A recent study suggests that certain exercises - like riding a stationary bike can actually slow cell decline that can happen as you age. In other words, it's never too late to reap the benefits of exercise. No matter how old you are, how inactive, or how out of shape you have been for however long, exercise can provide lots of help for lots of things.

Also having a partner or getting into a group definitely helps. Studies show that supervision and support can help you stay focused and fell good about what you are doing.

A full schedule is often cited as a reason to skip exercise. When you think about all the benefits of regular physical activity, and the short amount of time required (150 minutes a week), that's 30 minutes 5 times per week, the answer is clear. If you want to stay healthy, you can find the time.

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